About Healing and Auraveda

Stress management through healing and Ayurvedic treatment

At AuraVeda, we help you with stress management, anger management and low-self-esteem to help you live a wholesome life. Visit us in Kinver, near Stourbridge to find out more.
bio-physical Auras

Understanding bio-physical Auras

Each and every one of us has an Aura that is completely unique. Your Aura is the energy field created by your body and personality. To understand your Aura, we help you determine what type of life's issues that are affecting you.

We also help many healthcare professionals.
Re-energising body and mind

Benefits of our services

  • Re-energising body and mind
  • Use of alternative and herbal medicines
  • Calming therapies to manage the body
  • Dieting and weight control
  • Gain confidence
  • Stay calm and in control of your emotions
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A Wide Range of Holistic Products
"I'm glad my wife sent me to you after the car accident, I was completely traumatised and to see a counsellor I would have had to wait weeks for a referral. The healing and massage you gave me certainly put me back on the right track. My business is very important to me and I couldn't afford any time off at all with the Xmas period looming. I felt positive, calm and more focussed and apparently was more approachable." Thanks Suzanne, A.C.S. Halesowen
For herbal medicine and stress management sessions, call AuraVeda on 01384 936 227 in Stourbridge.
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